Modular by design

With its modular design, Cinergy enables you to build a dedicated cinema set-up just the way you want, giving your installers and designers infinite possibilities. There’s a choice of isolation and fixing methods to arrive at professional-quality sound in your own personal space. And flexible installation options mean you can create a cinema experience that’s totally you.

An example of Monitor Audio's Cinergy modular design, for greater flexibility.
An example of Monitor Audio's Cinergy vertical or horizontal orientation for each model.

Rotates to suit you

Your home is like no one else’s. Fortunately, Cinergy is designed to adapt to every possible scenario. For example, the mid-tweeter array on the Cinergy 100, 200 and 300 easily rotate, depending on whether you’d prefer it to be a vertical or horizontal install. So there’s no need to compromise on your design vision when you’re searching for the perfect sound.

Small touches for big sound

Cinergy comes with a range of practical isolation accessories. These were developed in-house by our specialist audio engineers, to ensure they’re optimised for use with Cinergy. From 3-layer silicone feet isolators to L-shaped bracket isolators, small touches ensure powerful sound is delivered cleanly and crisply, with vibrations reduced by up to 18dB.

Practical isolation accessories, developed for Monitor Audio's Cinergy cinema system.